Best of 2014 – Commercial

My next “Best of 2014” post is about the commercial side of photography – which is a very wide genre, and not many people talk about it. However, it is one of the widest areas of photography – think about it! You can have event photography, product photography, lifestyle photography, even stock photography is commercial! It ranges so far to so many sides of the spectrum that it pretty much encompasses all the skills and technical knowledge a photographer has. For example, if you shoot events, then you’re also taking portraits (they might be quick snapshot portraits, but they are portraits nonetheless). Anyways, back on track – here are my favourite commercial shots of 2014 – see how diverse they are?

The first one is from a conference that was shot back in November. This three-day conference was full of colour, diversity, and some wonderful people all working to eliminate homelessness and offer low income housing to those who need it.

Next up on the commercial list is the product that I just showcased on this blog about a month ago. This shoot was spread over a very full two days, but it was exciting and fun. The dog, Zeus, really helped brighten up all of our days!

Last but certainly not least on my list is a jeweller who we have shot for about three times this year. She’s great to work with, and her designs are all unique and beautiful!


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