To Have Or Have Not – The Videographer

“I do.” The two most important words said by couples on their wedding day. To an expanse of onlookers, it’s the beautiful, romantic moment when two lives become one. And to the couple, it is the intimate moment they’ve been waiting for, planning for, and gruelling over. Flashes fire and shutters open and close. Applause breaks out. Sneaking in shots at the back or sides of the crowd is the videographer. A quiet but constant presence, keeping the film rolling while you kiss your new husband or bride. While you walk back up the aisle, smiling and laughing at your friends and family. Lastly, they’re there to capture the things a photographer can’t – the outtakes and the bloopers. The laughter, tears, and smiles that were shared on your day.

Photography is a staple at weddings, but videography is an often overlooked gem. Most brides and grooms today might think that photography alone is enough – photography does cover much of the emotions and moments of the day, but it will never be able to hear the way your dad’s voice lilts when he gives his speech at the reception, or the exact vows that were shared between you and your partner. Photography and videography compliment each other in a way that most people don’t think about; they capture the moments as snapshots, simultaneously capturing the movements before and after. While the photographer stops time and shoots each important second, the videographer keeps time moving.

According to a 2006 study, 98% of brides said that they would recommend a videographer to other brides who are still planning their wedding. In addition, brides on the popular wedding planning website TheKnot said unequivocally that they regret not hiring a videographer for their wedding. Videography is a unique and irreplaceable way to be able to relive your wedding, and many videographers offer great options. Some include:

– An engagement video with your bridal party, that you can play at the wedding itself. Sometimes the videographer will “interview” the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and find out funny stories, or give the newlyweds advice.

– A “music highlight video” of your wedding that your friends and family won’t get bored of – sitting down to watch the whole day over again might be tedious for some of your friends who experienced it first-hand!

–  Two videographers for the whole day. This means you can capture every little moment that happens during your day – and especially moments you might have missed while you were busy getting hitched!

Couvrette Studio works with many Ottawa videographers when we shoot our weddings. If you’re looking for suggestions of videographers in the Ottawa area, we’re always happy to help out!

Here’s a link for if you’re wondering why you should get a videographer when you’ve already hired a photographer.

Here’s an example of a fantastic music highlight video from Pink Tuxedo Productions right here in Ottawa!

Renee & Nicolas – highlight video from Pink Tuxedo Productions on Vimeo.

As for “To Have or Not to Have”, a videographer is definitely a HAVE! Let me know in the comments below if you have any points you’d like to add!



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