Navigating Ottawa Wedding Prices Part 3 of 4: Negotiating

So. You’ve budgeted for your wedding, and you’ve shopped around for the best vendors for you. Now that you’ve chosen them, the next step is negotiating. Often, vendors have pre-set packages that give you many fantastic options! This is really great, but sometimes those options don’t fit with your view for your big day.

Starting with contracts, it’s best to read through the fine print and make sure you know what it means. For example, you’ll know precisely when your payments are due so you can plan ahead for each one. You’ll also know what to expect from that vendor. At Couvrette Studio, our contracts detail everything from the big stuff – how many hours of coverage you’re getting – to the small stuff – the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. This not only gives you peace of mind, it allows the vendor to give you exactly what you want!

In researching for this post series, I found several fantastic articles detailing how to save money. One of the best posts I read shared how they saved over $21 000 on their wedding. This post is full of great ways to talk to your wedding vendors, and there’s one rule that comes out above the rest: be polite yet firm.

When negotiating with your vendors, remember that they are people like any one of us, and treat them with respect. Don’t push too hard for a better price, but remain firm in the things your contract offers.

Once you’ve negotiated to the price you want, the next step is putting in some time planning so you can make the best of every one of your vendors.



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