How We Shot It – Chateau Laurier

This summer has been fantastic for capturing wonderful images! Couvrette Studio has worked hard on every wedding we’ve shot, and we have the results to show for it! For today’s edition of “How We Shot It”, we have a beautiful wide angle shot from a wedding we did near the beginning of the summer.




We shot this image on a gorgeous late spring day when the sun was high and bright. I’m sure many of you recognize the huge hotel in the background as the famous Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel right in downtown Ottawa. Paul wanted to showcase the architecture surrounding it. On this particular day, there were four other photographers with four other brides shooting under the bridge – so you can imagine that it is a very popular spot!

Paul makes a concerted effort every time he goes to a location he’s been before to capture an image that no one else has done. This gives the bride and groom an absolutely unique portrait of themselves that they may enjoy for years to come.

For this specific shot, Paul set up away from the other photographers under the bridge, who were shooting to both the left and right of the vantage point. We set up one strobe on a light stand, behind the post you see in the foreground on the left. I stood with the strobe, ensuring that it fired properly and that it was aimed at the couple.

With the sun behind the couple’s back, we used the strobe to exclusively light the couple and reduce harsh shadows that result from the sun being overhead. Paul shot this at 1/180th of a second to be able to sync with the strobe, and in order to keep the couple in focus and properly exposed, he used f/8 at ISO 100.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or connect with me on social media! Thanks as always for reading.



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