Rainy Day Photoshoot Ideas in Ottawa

Have an outdoor on location session coming up? In the rainy days of fall coming up, it might be a good idea to have a few back-up indoor locations planned! Being the national capital, Ottawa is chock full of museums and galleries. Many of them have been built with gorgeous architecture and fantastic natural lighting, as well as ample room for any extra lighting needed. Please note that some of these locations may have a cost associated with having a photoshoot done in their building. I have linked to their information or booking request pages where applicable.

Here is a list of my top 5 rainy day locations in Ottawa!

1. Canadian Museum of History (Formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization)

Located just across the river from the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, this museum is huge and has a very big, open space that you can take pictures in, as well as several smaller places. It’s claim-to-fame is the unique architecture and the huge windows that give anyone walking through it a spectacular view of the Ottawa River. Try to spot the couple in the picture below! It’s tough ;). Here is their photoshoot policy information.


Image by Couvrette Studio

2. National Art Gallery of Canada

Located right across Major’s Hill Park from the Parliament buildings, the NAG is a building that offers floor to ceiling windows. One particular room is only windows, and boasts some of the best indoor natural light in Ottawa! This location can also be a wedding ceremony venue, although they have several rooms available for rental.


Image by Couvrette Studio

3. National Arts Centre

The NAC provides services for several different types of events. They have beautiful red-carpeted staircases that provide a graceful and dramatic backdrop for a photo session. Also within the building, there are fountains, perfect balconies, and glittering chandeliers. The NAC is a magnificent location for any type of photoshoot, and can accommodate large groups as well. Take a look at their room list and pricing details.


Image by Couvrette Studio

4. Canadian Museum of Nature

Perhaps the more unique museum on the list, this one provides ample space for large groups, but also provides access to several different areas of the museum with a photo shoot reservation. They have many options available, including nine options for facility rentals, if you wanted to have a more in-depth session. However, for a fashion, engagement, or wedding shoot, the Museum of Nature also has very reasonable rates.

5. In Studio

This may seem like an obvious option, but at Couvrette Studio we have a huge, 40-person capacity indoor studio. We also have several background options available for groups of almost any size. The studio is very flexible, and the use of the studio for your photoshoot would be included in your session price!

Image by Couvrette Studio

Image by Couvrette Studio

There are many great options for indoor photography, and some of the exquisite architecture in our many museums only goes to prove the variety of locations that Ottawa has to offer.


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