10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Seeking a Wedding Photographer

We get a lot of questions here at the studio – and the first one from potential brides and grooms is “How much will it cost for you to photograph my wedding?” The thing is, every wedding is unique, with a specific set of requirements from our clients. So the following are some notes to make your search easier! Photographers will be able to give you a much more detailed quote if you can have all the details below jotted down before you call, and it will help you get more organized in the planning stages of your wedding!

1. What is your budget?

Everyone has a “maximum price”, and it depends on what level of photography you’re looking for, but even the best wedding photographers can customize a package for a shorter coverage, so don’t hesitate to call your number one choice just because you think they might be too expensive – they can surprise you! Of course, there are always deals happening as well, such as this one at Couvrette Studio for the remainder of the 2014 wedding season!

2. How many hours of coverage will you need?

The hours of coverage you might need depend on what you want. If you want pictures of your make-up getting done, or the dress being put on, etc, then you may want to ask for the coverage to start a few hours before the ceremony. Always leave enough time for group pictures, depending on how many you might want. A few questions to think about to determine your coverage time:

– Do you want preparation pictures?

– How many party/dancing shots will you want?

3. Do you want or need an assistant/second photographer?

Second photographers are essential for certain types of ceremonies – for example, the celebrations that last more than one day, or the weddings where you’re looking for a lot of candids of your guests! A few points to think about:

– How many guests do you have?

If you have several hundred guests, and many group shots to do, you may want a second photographer to help organize the group shots as well as take candids of the guests.

– Do you want coverage of both partners getting ready?

4. What is your date?

5. Where is your ceremony and/or reception located?

– Do you know where large group photos might be taken at the venue?

– Do you have a backup or rain location?

6. What photographers do your friends and family recommend?

7. Do you need other vendor recommendations?

(Such as DJs, hair and make-up artists, venues, caterers, etc. Some photographers will have other vendors that they have worked with before and they’ll be happy to recommend them again!)

8. What does the schedule of your day look like?

– What time is your ceremony?

– What time does the photographer need to be there at?

9. How much time will the photographer have for pictures with just you?

This depends on the style of photography you’re looking for – if you’re looking for several formal shots with both partners, you would need to make a larger gap in the schedule to account for that. If you’re only looking for one or two shots of the two of you, you might want less time.

10. What is the final product you are looking for?

Are you only looking for high resolution digital images? Do you want a full DVD that you can share with friends and family? Or would you like to have something solid in your hands, like a handcrafted customized album?

At Couvrette Studio, we offer several options with different prices, including everything from high resolution images to prints to 20×20 customizable albums! Call us for a quote today.


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