10 Ways to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day

Bringing back this post for #TBT! Here’s an oldie, but a goodie, for the people I know getting married this year – and any other brides out there in Ottawa or beyond.

Lorien At Couvrette Studio

Many brides wake up on their wedding day anxious about how the day will pan out. Will the caterer forget your vegetarian cousin? What time will your makeup artist or hair stylist get to you? What will the weather be like?

So many questions, and unfortunately not many answers. As a bride, you can’t control most of the things that can go wrong on your wedding day. However, there are plenty of ways to try to ease the stress of the day, and even a few ways to make sure some of the bad things don’t happen. Here is my top 10 Ways to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day and avoid becoming a Bridezilla!

1. Check wedding vendor reviews, references, and testimonials.

Checking their reviews will help give you peace of mind, so you know that you can rely on them. These are the people who you’re paying to…

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Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter weddings are beautiful, and this one was no exception. Shot right at the end of February, the bride and groom anticipated that the weather would be cold. Much of this year’s winter has been freezing, with constantly cold temperatures and plenty of snow. They got lucky! The bride and groom got a gorgeous sunny sky without a cloud to be seen, and the temperature was above -30. The whole affair took place in Kanata, with the bride getting ready at Brookstreet, and then proceeding to Saint Isidore Roman Catholic Parish, and wrapping up neatly at Amberwood Golf and Country Club. The bridal party braved the cold weather for a few shots outside, and much fun was had by all!




Ottawa Event Photography – Ottawa Senators

Go Sens Go! This small, breakfast event was held a few weeks ago for the Senators and Scotiabank. The president of the Ottawa Senators, Cyril Leeder, spoke and gave a short question and answer session. It was a great little event, and Mr. Leeder had some very interesting points to raise! Brad Marsh – a former Sens player – refereed the Q&A. They had a great chemistry and made some awesome jokes!






Valentine’s Day Photography

So Valentine’s day has just passed, and I got to spend that day taking a few shots of an adorable couple and friends of mine, Andrew and Meghan. They were so much fun to have in the studio, and they got some great shots! Meghan loves elephants, so we incorporated her love into a few of the shots. We chose a pink background, as the staple colour for V-Day. It worked really well! See the shots below…





Best of 2014 – Commercial

My next “Best of 2014” post is about the commercial side of photography – which is a very wide genre, and not many people talk about it. However, it is one of the widest areas of photography – think about it! You can have event photography, product photography, lifestyle photography, even stock photography is commercial! It ranges so far to so many sides of the spectrum that it pretty much encompasses all the skills and technical knowledge a photographer has. For example, if you shoot events, then you’re also taking portraits (they might be quick snapshot portraits, but they are portraits nonetheless). Anyways, back on track – here are my favourite commercial shots of 2014 – see how diverse they are?

The first one is from a conference that was shot back in November. This three-day conference was full of colour, diversity, and some wonderful people all working to eliminate homelessness and offer low income housing to those who need it.

Next up on the commercial list is the product that I just showcased on this blog about a month ago. This shoot was spread over a very full two days, but it was exciting and fun. The dog, Zeus, really helped brighten up all of our days!

Last but certainly not least on my list is a jeweller who we have shot for about three times this year. She’s great to work with, and her designs are all unique and beautiful!



Best of 2014 – Portraits

Continuing our “Best of 2014” series, here are a few of our best portraits of 2014:

First up is my friend Mike. He’s an Ottawa actor who I’ve shot twice this year. He’s always willing to do something a little less ordinary, and he’s a lot of fun to have in the studio! Here are my favourite shots from our sessions this year:

And our second best of 2014 portraits are the family sessions I did in November! It’s always fun to have families in the studio, and this was no exception! These three families were energetic and excited to be here!



Best of 2014 – Weddings

Now that 2014 is over, I wanted to do a few “best of” posts. I’m going to make a few posts with my favorite images of 2014, from the wedding, portrait, and commercial “categories”. I will be including BTS anecdotes and some “how we shot it” notes. The first “best of” post is going to be about weddings. This year, Couvrette Studio had the pleasure of capturing many couples’ special days, and we got some stunning images along the way.

We’ll start with my favourite image from our first wedding of the year, way back in March. The bride and groom got ready and had their formal session at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. Inside the picturesque building, the bride and groom were captured on an antique couch and atop the winding staircase. It was cold and grey outside, but the bride and groom filled the day with warmth and family.


The next wedding was a two-day NAC-Fairmont Chateau Laurier extravaganza in May. This wedding was a whole lot of fun, and the bride and groom made everyone feel very welcome with their friends and family by the end of two days. They did their ceremony on Friday, with an intimate dinner with family and close friends. And on Saturday they partied all night long and celebrated again. Spreading their celebrations over two days allowed the first night to be intimate and cozy, while the second evening was spent enjoying their nuptials without the stress of the day before.

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Next on our best of list is a wedding that was shot in June. It was held at the Fairmont Chateau Montebello, right on the Ottawa River. The bride had butterflies for the end of the ceremony, and one of them landed right on the bride’s bouquet! And to top it off, she’d requested the use of one of the resort’s horses for a few shots with that. It made for some gorgeous pictures and the bride has some really fun memories to share!

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The last wedding that I wanted to give a spotlight to on this post is the fall wedding that was shot at Cedarhill Golf Club. Even though I only posted this one a few weeks ago, it was shot back in October. It was a beautiful wedding, and the bride and groom shared a perfect day with their friends and family.

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And those are our best wedding shots of 2014! Keep up with all of my newest posts by following my blog, or keep checking back for updates!


Ottawa Product Photography

One of our clients in 2014 was a company who developed and released a home monitoring system, including an app. You can monitor your house right from your phone, and there’s even a two-way microphone so you can talk to someone (or a pet) who’s inside your house. It boasts full HD video, night mode, and it can be mounted on a wall. It’s a really neat product and we had a great time shooting some lifestyle shots for them! See my favourites below:







Studio Shoot

You may recognize the face below if you’ve read my blog before… He’s my good friend and a very willing model. You can see him in my previous post about Ottawa actor headshots. This time around, we did something a little different – we did some “behind the scenes” stuff, as well as a three quarter length shot that he was looking for. See my favourites below!

Ottawa Conference Photography

Two months ago, Couvrette Studio had the opportunity to shoot a conference. It was a lot of fun – there were Aboriginal drummers, an Algonquin hoop dancer, and the food at the main dinner was blessed by an Algonquin elder. The entire 3-day conference was held at the Ottawa Shaw Centre (formerly the Ottawa Convention Centre), and a great time was had by all. We had the pleasure of listening to their keynote motivational speaker on the first day – Sunjay Nath. He was funny and very inspiring. Below are a few of my favourite shots from the event!